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Cyntha Gonzalez

Cyntha Gonzalez began her career in her native US, in the Transpersonal Psychology field, having studied at the University of Michigan and the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Her work integrated energy healing, having trained in massage therapy, Tai Chi and Reiki.


Experience working with Cyntha

Sensual Yoga Online Course

7-part PRE-RECORDED Course for Women.

Created by Cyntha Gonzalez to help you reconnect with the potency and healing of your sensual expression. In this 7-part online course, you will delve into a sensual yoga practice, explore its connection to femininity and pleasure, end enjoy curated music, guided meditations and journal exercises to help you explore and connect even deeper with yourself and your sensuality.


Podcasts, Videos & Blogs…

I’m fundamentally a teacher. Apart from the clients I coach, and the courses I teach, I am also a teacher through the written word, interviews and public speaking. Here you’ll find a sampling of various offerings. I truly hope they inspire, guide and comfort you, whatever your current search is.


Cyntha's E-book ‘An Adventure in Enlightened Intimacy'

A guide to Daring, Relating & Devotional Sexuality, accompanies the reader in first bringing consciousness to why we attract who we do, what is the unfinished business we bring to the relationship and how we become each other’s ally and agent for expansive healing and fulfilment.


Cyntha is a real professional. She is a true Healer & an excellent Counsellor herself, but she is also a highly professional & skilled Seminar Leader & Facilitator, who understands how to create an environment in which people feel safe to grow in consciousness - & that’s a rare combination! Thanks Cyntha.
Tricia Evans Business Coach & Writer, Dubai, UAE
Her humanity and care for people radiates in her workshops: I hear that successful politicians when they talk to you “make you feel like you’re the most important, interesting person in the room/city/world”. Cyntha makes you feel that way but the difference is, she has no agenda; she just genuinely believes that you are.
Tom Young Business Coach and Co-Founder of Spring Coaching and Development, www.springcoaching.biz Dubai, UAE
One of the most transformative aspects of Cyntha’s workshop was how immediate the information and teachings were integrated into my life - from the art therapy, emotional bodywork and her profound ability to raise my consciousness with ease and clarity. The lens in which she sees life through is from an ultimate place of love and compassion and this is having its positive influence on me!
Kabrel Geller Founder of Messy Table, Los Angeles, USA
I have attended a number of Cyntha's courses which have all proven to be pivotal on my journey. Most memorable was the year long course named the Transpersonal Counseling Skills and Healer’s Training.
Asma Al Hamiz, Investment Analyst, MA Transpersonal Psychology Dubai, UAE


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