The Navajo Native Americans and the Tibetan Buddhists are renowned for their sand mandalas. The Tibetans not only make the sand mandala, but know that at the completion of it, they will brush it up and destroy it. It is a practice of conscious dying. Making a mandala is a highly meditative act. The power of the sacred geometry in the mandala is also explored and brought into consciousness. In CRT™, we also disassemble the mandala at the end of the creation process. The awareness that the mandala will be brushed up at the end is potentially activating in terms of any current or pending ‘deaths’ or endings in our life that we project onto the process.


In CRT™, we have the choice of making a mandala from scratch or by coloring in a set drawing with sand.


After the mandala exercise, integrative exercises follow where one travels through the shapes, colors and accents and explores through intuitive means, their coded messages of wisdom, specific to the participant’s life. Then the disassembly process happens with great care, sensitivity and safe, emotional holding ready for whatever may be activated.


“Highly Recommend It”

I had the pleasure to do Creative Response Therapy™ with Cyntha Gonzalez several times. It continually is a mind blowing experience with that has tapped into my unconcious and dug up my past, present, and future. I have felt free to express old wounds, the new ones and to celebrate life in my different paintings. It is pure enlightenment. I would highly recommend it for traumatic childhoods, being stuck in ones life, when one needs guidance and as a healing process from physical or emotional challenges. I cannot wait for the next workshop!

  • Sherry Maw, Life Coach and Emotional Healing Counselor, Dubai, UAE