Mandala coloring books have been bestsellers on for the last few years. In our modern, fast-paced world, there may be no accident, particularly when we remember that mandala means ‘circle’ or ‘wholeness’ in Sanskrit. The center point, called a ‘bindu’ is meant to focus and center the individual.

Mandalas are found all over the Orient and always used as a tool to facilitate contemplation and meditation. This process of experiencing a mandala, both in its creation and meditation on it, has the potential of moving the witness into his or her center, resulting in calming, connected state of being.

We may color mandalas with colored pencils, gel pens, felt tip markers or crayons.


In CRT™, we have the choice of making a mandala from scratch or by coloring in a set drawing with colors. 

We may do them as our own spiritual or self-care practice, or make one as a gift for another. Learn how to do this here.


After the mandala exercise, integrative exercises follow where one travels through the shapes, colors and accents and explores through intuitive means, their coded messages of wisdom, specific to the participant’s life.

For a blog post on Mandalas, read here.


"A Powerful Methodology"

Creative Response Therapy is a powerful methodology to access material buried in the unconscious. It's also  creative, fun and cathartic. The simple techniques combined with Cyntha's undivided presence and masterful intuitive guidance create a safe holding place that allows me to access some very deep material and bring it to the light. Cyntha is a unique facilitator who is highly experienced in a variety of modalities which makes her CRT courses truly special.

Sumaya Dabbagh, Architect, Dubai, UAE