Doing a face mask is an intimate process and potentially activating in terms of one’s self-image. Some find it relaxing- as if they are going to the spa. Others find it triggering as they feel they are being looked at and judged, or are aware of certain cellular memory being activated. If this is the case, the safe setting allows the deeper feelings to express themselves.


We may do a full face mask or we may do a partial mask. When it is dry, we may paint it, glue feathers, sequins and decorative items on it. We may shellac it completely at the end, as a finished work.


After the face mask activity, integrative exercises follow where one travels through the mask and any decorative accents and freely projects onto it all, exploring through intuitive means, the coded messages of wisdom, specific to the participant’s life.

"Favorite healing modality"

I have been using CRT™ since 2007 when it was first introduced to me by its creator, Cyntha Gonzalez.  It has become a favorite healing modality of mine to use for my own personal and spiritual growth and transformation over the years.   CRT™ allows my conscious mind to rest while my subconscious mind reveals its truth through whatever medium of choice, be it painting, clay, mandala, or collage.  My artistic expression, through the different mediums used, consistently reveals jewels of information and insight, that rise up to the surface at just the most perfect time in my life, as my psyche (inner healer) seems to know when I am ready to face this information. The process finishes with a very deep and thought provoking visualization where there is no hiding from my truth and authentic Self.

- Stella Maria, Holistic Coach, Dubai, UAE