Choosing collage images is a dialogue with different aspects of the self. Sometimes we are attracted to an image. Sometimes we are repulsed by an image, but we dare to choose it anyway. In the painting and clay processes, it more of accessing content and bringing it up and out. With collage, it is a more passive process of recognizing what mirrors the self and what does not.

Like in the painting, we may choose images that reflect biographical content, pre-verbal or perinatal content and transpersonal or spiritual and metaphysical content relevant to our life. We may be called to images that reflect strong content held in our cellular memory that the inner healer recognizes and longs to integrate more wholly in the being.


We may choose images in a purely spontaneous fashion or we may set the intention on a specific theme, like making a self-portrait through collage, or what is popularly called a vision board- a pictorial image of the life we ideally would like to have. But when we make a specific collage, we still maintain the spontaneous approach. When we do so, often repressed feelings about the specific situation express themselves freely and we relate to the problem from a more refined state of consciousness, expanding our access to not only deeper emotions, but also to solutions that are inclusive and beyond the rational and logical viewpoint.



After the collage exercise, integrative exercises follow where one travels through the images and explores through intuitive means, their coded messages of wisdom, specific to the participant’s life.


"So much clarity"

I participated in Cyntha's Creative Response Therapy training where we worked with painting and constellation work. The training was so structured and organized which made me feel very safe and it helped me really trust the process. I found it extremely powerful and healing. I experienced revealing truths and so much clarity came from the constellation work. It was truly an unforgettable and amazing experience.

- Lina Mansson, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Coach, Dubai, UAE