As we knead, shape and mold the clay, it is a physical act, each movement coming from a deeper directive. This is especially enhanced when we do the clay exercises blindfolded, if age and condition appropriate. By removing the critical eye, the contact with the body’s felt sense is greatly enhanced. The safe setting then allows permission to connect with one’s knowing and feeling and to express any accompanying emotion. The process wakes up in a direct, visceral way, the cellular memory, with its valuable information and content. For some people who are fastidious about ‘getting dirty’, this activity gives permission to go past that constraint and discover the liberation and neutrality in it.



We may mold the clay only in a spontaneous manner, trusting whatever wants to emerge. We may set the intention on a specific theme, like making our body or a mask. When we mold something specific, we still maintain the spontaneous approach. When we do so, often repressed feelings about the specific situation express themselves freely and we relate to the problem from a place that is more inclusive of our intuitive, alpha brainwave state of consciousness, expanding our access to not only deeper emotions, but also to solutions that are inclusive and beyond the rational and logical viewpoint.



After the clay exercise, integrative exercises follow where one travels through the created piece explore through intuitive means, its coded messages of wisdom, specific to the participant’s life. Some choose to have their piece fired in a kiln, to keep it long term.


“Made Incredible Progress”

I have been truly blessed to have discovered Cyntha and I he incredibly profound healing and professional development though her CRT™ teachings. You he combination of Cyntha’s gracious mastery, together with the rich opportunity for unconditional spontaneous expression, has been transformational at all levels. Thanks to Cyntha and this healing work, I have made incredible progress in transforming past trauma into understanding and opportunity. This shift has systematically informed not just my personal relationship but it has brought my work as a coach to a new depth of grace and intelligence. Furthermore, the actual practice of CRT’s diverse art modalities is enhancing my hands-on coaching work greatly with clients and teams. 

-Polly Archer, PCC Executive Coach, Director Spring Coaching, Dubai, UAE