Sensual Yoga

Slow down, explore sensuous movement, & experience your inner emotional richness. Cyntha Gonzalez brings her longtime healing, yoga & sacred sexuality background to this languid dive.



Learn at your own pace


Created by Cyntha Gonzalez to help you reconnect with the potency and healing of your sensual expression. In this 7-part online course, you will delve into a sensual yoga practice, explore its connection to femininity and pleasure, and enjoy curated music, guided meditations and journal exercises to help you explore and connect even deeper with yourself and your sensuality.

  • You want to learn the art of self-nurturance
  • You wish to listen to your body’s deepest truth 
  • You want to drop into the present moment through breath and movement
  • You want to embrace and trust your feminine beautiful body
  • Experience slowed down, embodied pleasure
  • Move through the world as a more confident, sensual being
  • Explore a particular theme, like Beauty, Betrayal, Loss, Seduction or Deep Love 
  • Delve into a sensual yoga practice, supportive of each theme 
  • Explore its connection to femininity, sensuality and pleasure
  • Take each theme further through a guided meditation and journal exercise
  • 7 full-length classes 60-75 minutes each
  • 7 curated sensual playlists that relate intimately to each class
  • 7 deep dives and supportive resources into the themes of beauty, betrayal, devotion & more
  • Classes include meditation, mindful slow movement, guided visualizations, affirmations, journal exercises & bonus materials to take you further on your journey

Part 1 - Releasing Taboos & Claiming Sensuality

Part 2 - Beauty, Flow & Tease

Part 3 - Jealousy, Betrayal & Forgiveness

Part 4 - Longing, Letting Go & Gratitude

Part 5 - Wild, Edgy & Seductive

Part 6 - Devotion, Surrender & Deep Love

Part 7 - Celebration, Playful & Sexy

Part 1 - Releasing Taboos & Claiming Sensuality

Part 2 - Beauty, Flow & Tease

Part 3 - Jealousy, Betrayal & Forgiveness

Part 4 - Longing, Letting Go & Gratitude

Part 5 - Wild, Edgy & Seductive

Part 6 - Devotion, Surrender & Deep Love

Part 7 - Celebration, Playful & Sexy

Cyntha Gonzalez is a teacher extraordinaire! No matter what workshop she teaches, I come away feeling like a new and improved version of myself. In her Sensual Yoga classes I have met my body in loving ways that I had  never consciously connected with before.  Through breath, touch, and slow and purposeful movement, I reawakened the sensual parts of a more grounded, whole, and radiant me. The deeper the connection to myself, the deeper and richer connections I am able to have with others.

Stella Maria, Vancouver, Canada

About Cyntha

Cyntha Gonzalez has been practicing as a coach for 35 years specializing in transpersonal coaching for individuals and couples . Early in her training, she saw the need to also include the body. Since, she has been a longtime practitioner of several emotional bodywork modalities, including trauma release, Reiki energy healing and yoga. She is a certified kundalini yoga teacher, which has deepened her understanding of the harmonization of sound, breath and movement. She created Creative Response Therapy™, an expressive arts modality,  and facilitates groups in Vision Quests, yearlong courses and weekend psycho-spiritual workshops. Her presence online began in early 2020, as co-facilitator with Kathy Scott of the Trailblazery, for the year-long Moon Medicine Academy and later Moon Medicine Mentorship. Cyntha also has taught online kundalini and sensual yoga courses and been a regular guest speaker for the Arvigo Institute.

In 2003, Cyntha was initiated into Sacred Sexuality facilitation in Brazil. Upon her return, she began teaching Sacred Sexuality classes and workshops in Dubai, which soon evolved to an international reach, including Bahrain, India, New Zealand, the US, and Ireland and online. Cyntha also has blogged extensively on Tantra Tuesdays for

Cyntha has gone back to graduate school in Transpersonal Psychology, studying how science interfaces with metaphysics and spirituality. She is already beginning to infuse this understanding into her teaching, writing and public speaking.