Sacred Relationship, Sacred Sexuality

  This 2-day workshop will be firstly, a healing journey through the art of emotional intimacy, and then an experience of one's sacred sexuality through appropriate subtle energy exploration. 

A conscious Intimate Relationship is one where maturity, self-awareness, and understanding of the other is cultivated. The Light and Adventure of Emotional Intimacy become a way of life and a committed practice, foremost for you, and then with another. It is where the foundations of Emotional Intelligence, and the Healing Power of Intimacy, lead you to meet in the Subtler and Sacred dimensions, and eventually along with your partner. We explore what it means for Intimacy to take you to the Divine.

Individuals and couples are welcome. 

  • Identify and bring healing to any blockages of Emotional Intimacy
  • Invite the Healing of any Taboos, Shaming and Violation that can block acceptance of the goodness of your Sexual Expression
  • Explore the subtler and more energetic nuances of your sexuality
  • Infuse your sexuality with more spirituality and heart
  • Bring understanding, compassion and acceptance to all the influences and occurrences that contribute to your sexual psychology
  • Invite in Transparency and Radical Honesty into your relationship, and how they are integral to more fulfilling sexual intimacy
  • Feel the Subtle Energy Body, and discover its importance in sexual intimacy, through movement, breath and exercises
  • Give with Surrender and Devotion to another, beyond the fear of losing oneself
  • Pre-homework
  • 2-day Live Workshop
  • Lunch & snacks (if in-person)
  • Cyntha’s ebook 
  • Follow-up resources

2-days, including relevant theory, experiential exercises and safe sharing.

Note: This workshop will be highly appropriate and culturally respectful. This workshop is open to both individuals and couples. Confidentiality and safety will be assured.

About Cyntha

Cyntha Gonzalez has been practicing as a coach for 35 years specializing in transpersonal coaching for individuals and couples . Early in her training, she saw the need to also include the body. Since, she has been a longtime practitioner of several experiential modalities, including trauma release, Reiki healing, Holotropic Breathwork and yoga. She is a certified kundalini yoga teacher, which has deepened her understanding of the harmonization of sound, breath and movement.  Cyntha also has taught online kundalini and sensual yoga, yearlong courses and weekend  workshops and been a regular guest speaker for the Arvigo Institute.

In 2003, Cyntha was initiated into Sacred Sexuality facilitation in Brazil. Upon her return, she began teaching Sacred Sexuality classes and workshops in Dubai, which soon evolved to an international reach, including Bahrain, India, New Zealand, the US, and Ireland and online. Cyntha also has blogged extensively on Tantra Tuesdays for; these posts can be found here.

Cyntha has gone back to graduate school in Transpersonal Psychology, studying how science interfaces with metaphysics and spirituality. She is already beginning to infuse this understanding into her teaching, writing and public speaking.