Radical Forgiveness

 We go beyond traditional forgiveness, to take responsibility for what is unhealed within to attract any conflict. We move from victimization to empowerment for the soul growth that any challenge initiates us into.

Traditional Forgiveness offers compassion when we have been harmed and takes responsibility and apologizes when we have harmed. In Radical Forgiveness, we go beyond blame, and take courageous responsibility for what is unhealed in ourselves to attract any offender – personally, socially or politically. We move from understandable victimization, to revolutionary gratitude for the soul growth that any harm and betrayal have catapulted us into. We are able to eventually say, "It couldn't have been any other way." This can be a tall order. Committed attention and surrendering to the rich journey that Radical Forgiveness is, make it possible.

  • You’re carrying heaviness from the past?
  • There is unfinished business that needs resolving?
  • You need to release hurts to feel more liberated?
  • You want to take full responsibility for the conflict you are in, and go beyond any ego identification
  • How to honor your primal, raw feelings re. the conflict
  • To grieve first
  • To see and empathize with the other
  • To see the bigger picture of the higher order of this conflict
  • The difference between traditional forgiveness and radical forgiveness
  • Workshop - 1-2 days, depending on the context
  • Snacks & Lunch 
  • Followup resources

About Cyntha

For the last 35 years, I’ve guided individuals, couples, families, colleagues and teams in their quest for more conscious, mature and transparent relationships. This can include the transformative art of taking responsibility and making meaningful amends. It also invites self-holding when another is incapable of giving us this in turn.

I’m fundamentally a teacher, influenced by a mind-body-spirit approach. From the clients I coach, to the courses I teach, my intention is to inspire both compassion and rigor, so to be more whole and true in our relationships, and our life purpose. I bring in Emotional Bodywork, Creative Response Therapy™ and other practices as needed.