Gifts of Infidelity

Infidelity is something we hope we will never encounter, yet it is common enough and often unsuspectingly occurs. This workshop demystifies what it is, why it happens and brings an honest lens to what is going on at several levels. Infidelity reveals multiple gifts, once we recover from the initial shock. We may emerge from the other side and say, "It couldn’t have happened any other way." This is a tall order, and this workshop gives the tools and map to potentially arrive there. 

Intimate relationships take us to our edge. Infidelity hurls us mercilessly over. It’s one of those menacing dangers we fear and try to do everything in our power to protect ourselves from. However, when it does make its way into our partnership, whether we are the one who is disloyal, is an accomplice or has been betrayed, its initiatic bite can either leave us brittle and bitter, or it can catalyze a revolutionary, emotional growing up. This course brings understanding as to why betrayal happens and how we can heal from it, whichever of the three roles we are playing. We move from the searing pain and trauma of such a triangle, so to make sense of it, and then move forward, with empowerment, understanding of the bigger picture, and eventual resolution and peace.

  • How to go from Victimhood to Empowerment - whatever role you have played or sided with
  • The Art of Transparency
  • How much the Inner Child has its role
  • How to journey the necessary Grieving stages
  • The Art of Radical Forgiveness
  • The wisdom of Staying or Leaving
  • You have been either the one who has been disloyal, the accomplice, or been betrayed
  • You are a coach/counselor/cleric working with individuals or couples
  • You are in a committed relationship and wish for more awareness
  • You have dear ones reeling in the aftermath of infidelity and you have been a bystander or support
  • 2-day live workshop
  • An online course portal with a wealth of resources
  • Lunch & snacks (if in-person)
  • Follow-up resources

Cyntha’s courses have revealed my light and shadows and brought me into satisfying wholeness. It has taken fierce commitment and inner power to reach to the other side of many entrenched resistances. If you ask me … was it worth it? Every bit! I highly recommend Cyntha’s courses if your soul is ready to go deeper and emerge higher!

Namrata, Coach & Yoga Teacher, Dubai, UAE

Part 1 - What & Why Infidelity/the Infidelity triangle

Part 2 - Transparency & Sexuality

Part 3 - The Inner Child’s role in infidelity

Part 4 - Traveling the Grieving Odyssey

Part 5 - Amends triangle/Radical Forgiveness

Part 6 - The Art of Relationship Closure/ Reconciliation

Part 1 - Releasing Taboos & Claiming Sensuality

Part 2 - Beauty, Flow & Tease

Part 3 - Jealousy, Betrayal & Forgiveness

Part 4 - Longing, Letting Go & Gratitude

Part 5 - Wild, Edgy & Seductive

Part 6 - Devotion, Surrender & Deep Love

Part 7 - Celebration, Playful & Sexy

About Cyntha

For the last 35 years, I’ve guided individuals, couples and families in their quest to support their relationships in being more conscious, mature and transparent.

I’m fundamentally a teacher, influenced by a mind-body-spiritual approach. From the clients I coach, to the courses I teach, my intention is to inspire both compassion and rigor so to be more whole and true in our relationships and life purpose. I bring in Emotional Bodywork, Creative Responsive Therapy™ and other somatic practices as needed.