Spontaneous Painting is painting intuitively without having an image or model to paint from, where the result comes from free play with the paint, the colors and texture. Most importantly, each brush or finger stroke comes from a direct response to an inner directive, not from an aesthetic standard.

This inner directive is fueled by the psyche, a rich reservoir of unconscious material that constantly strives to come into consciousness, to be integrated and make us more whole. Much of this material is biographical- the life experiences and key people from our present and past that has had an impact on us. Perinatal (around birth) experiences, given their imprint on the more non-verbal memory centers, commonly find expression through this art form. We may also access transpersonal realms that have more to do with our spiritual nature, the meaning of our particular life path, and our concept of, and relationship to a Divine Being. The painting process is much like dreaming, where coded messages from the unconscious express themselves in the painting through universal and personal symbols.

When we paint in this intuitive and spontaneous fashion, one’s cellular memory can also be activated. Much inner material, that is beyond language or even experienced originally in our pre-language early phase of life, very often reveals itself in this way of painting. Womb, birth, trauma and sexuality find expression in this modality.


We may paint completely spontaneously or we may set the intention on a specific theme, like painting our body or painting an intimate relationship. But when we paint something specific, we still maintain the spontaneous approach. When we do so, often repressed feelings about the specific situation express themselves freely and we relate to the problem from a more refined state of consciousness, expanding our access to not only deeper emotions, but also to solutions that are inclusive and beyond the rational and logical viewpoint.



After the painting exercise, integrative exercises follow where one travels through the painted colors and images and explores through intuitive means, their coded messages of wisdom, specific to the participant’s life. Many report that this part is as important than the art activity itself.


"Amazing learning"

I attended Cyntha's Creative Response Therapy™ Advanced Training. Part of the training was constellation work with the elements of the paintings we had spontaneously painted. I was so trusting of the space Cyntha provided.  Emotions, tears, laughter, pain and joy- we saw it all, we felt it all. Amazing learning happened in that training. I can't ever thank her enough for all the learning.

Svetlana Majaroff, Co-Active Coach, Dubai, UAE