Tarot as a Coaching Tool

The Tarot, with its symbols and archetypes, invites deep inner transformation. The psycho-spiritual approach to the Tarot provides a mirror of the inner world, reading the Now, rather than the Future. We learn the art of divination of the present, of your deepest truth and of your most expanded calling. It can be called the Kinesiology of the Soul.  



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The Tarot is a gentle and creative way to come into greater understanding and acceptance of our most authentic feelings and true self. In this course, we will learn the Tarot archetypes, a variety of spreads, and the skills to read for ourselves and another, in present time, with a psycho-spiritual approach.

 The Tarot may be equated as the Kinesiology of the Soul. The symbols and images serve as a Mirror to the deepest, current self, which seeks acceptance, healing and transformation. A dialogue is engaged between the Higher Self and the Personality Self where inspiration and insight flow.

  • To  demystify any taboos and misunderstandings of the Tarot
  • The Art of of Divination in the Now
  • The Major Arcana & The Minor Arcana
  • Reading the Tarot for Self & Others
  • The Importance of Intention
  • The Tarot’s Integration of our Shadow Element
  •  Development and Trust of Intuition
  • Thorough and clear understanding of the Major and Minor Arcanas
  • Multiple Spreads and their pictorial documentation
  • Spotify Playlists corresponding to several Key Major Arcanas
  • Resources for further learning and exploration

About Cyntha

For the last 35 years, I’ve guided individuals, couples and families in their quest to support their relationships in being more conscious, mature and transparent.

I’m fundamentally a teacher, influenced by a mind-body-spiritual approach. From the clients I coach, to the courses I teach, my intention is to inspire both compassion and rigor so to be more whole and true in our relationships and life purpose. I bring in Emotional Bodywork, Creative Responsive Therapy™ and other somatic practices as needed.