Transpersonal Counseling Course – Dubai, UAE – Dec 2020 – March 2021

Transpersonal Counseling Course – Dubai, Uae – Dec 2020 – March 2021

This course introduces counseling skills and transpersonal foundations for individuals attracted to psycho-spiritual healing. Transpersonal psychology honors the personality and our spiritual, Higher Self. It acknowledges a metaphysical reality within us and around us that can be harnessed for healing purposes. This course will be expansive and healing to you personally as you come into greater self-awareness and compassion for your own evolving healing journey. You may or may not be already working professionally in the healing field. In either case, this course may be applicable to you. This course intends to give you a more experiential understanding and confidence in any existing professional role as a counselor, coach, healer or other. It deepens your understanding of base dynamics emotionally and psycho-spiritually, including your own. Experiential learning will be equally balanced with theory and integration. All the while, the nature and limitations of the particular role and level you possess in a healing role will be respected

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