I attended Cyntha’s year long ‘Transpersonal Counselling Skills & Healer’s Training Course’, & it was the most life changing, & mind & heart-expanding course I have ever attended.  At the conscious level, it was an excellent mixture of solid theory, research, & practical exercises in areas that Counsellors & Healers need to understand. But it was then cleverly interwoven with some very powerful methods of accessing our unconscious cellular memory, including bodywork, art therapy & Holotropic Breathwork  – & we all had to experience these methods first hand.

In a very safe way, the course went WAY beyond the conscious level of thought, & it certainly went deeper than anything I’ve experienced before.  As such it was a year of HUGE development & shift in my consciousness – especially the ‘YIN’ side of me (which is great, as my ‘YANG’ side is already highly developed)!  I loved the whole process, & found it a fascinating & powerful learning experience – & the increased awareness I now have of how interconnected everything is will be with me for life.

The course has also added layers of understanding to my professional coaching & has provided me with some excellent & highly practical tools & models that I’ve been using ever since at senior levels in the business world.

Cyntha is a real professional.  She is a true Healer & an excellent Counsellor herself, but she is also a highly professional & skilled Seminar Leader & Facilitator, who understands how to create an environment in which people feel safe to grow in consciousness – & that’s a rare combination!  Thanks Cyntha.

Tricia Evans, Business Coach & Writer. Dubai, UAE

Cyntha’s courses have unravelled the polarity of my light and shadows and brought me into satisfying wholeness. It has taken fierce commitment and inner power to reach to the other side of many entrenched resistances. If you ask me…was it worth it? Every bit! I highly recommend Cyntha’s courses if your soul is ready to go deeper and emerge higher!

Nams, UAE

Cyntha is an energetic and  gifted workshop presenter. She is able to impart her considerable and impressive knowledge of psychotherapy and a huge number of personal wellness-related disciplines in a way which fully engages her audience. She is structured yet not afraid to ‘dance in the moment’ and re-design ‘live’ in order for the required learning to land effectively.

Her humanity and care for people radiates in her workshops: I hear that successful politicians when they talk to you “make you feel like you’re the most important, interesting person in the room/city/world”. Cyntha makes you feel  that way but the difference is, she has no agenda; she just genuinely believes that you are.

Tom Young, Business Coach, Dubai, UAE

Cyntha is a generous teacher with vast expertise and experience. She takes us on a holistic journey to be authentic in our body, mind and soul with presence and fun. She gives so much of herself in all her teaching/courses as she inspires and encourages us to transcend our physical, emotional and spiritual limitations.

Evelyne, UAE