Cyntha is a real "wisdom woman" -- she knows how to get right to the core of every issue, to layers that I didn't even know were there.


She has helped me and my couple greatly. Her Holotropic Breathwork workshop is really awesome, too. 

Nova Spivack

IT Inventor and Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, USA

Kim Rubin

Film/TV producer

Los Angeles, USA

Cyntha Gonzalez is by far the most evolved, knowledgeable, compassionate, insightful and intuitive counselor I have ever encountered.


Her workshops are magical.  She brilliantly identified destructive patterns in my life and taught me techniques that are perfectly suited to my personal needs. Her methods have become invaluable as she has given me the tools to uncover and heal what I could not see or recognize for myself. 


I am forever changed and will always be indebted to Cyntha for her magnificent gifts!



ESL Facilitator for adults and chidren,

Reiki Master

Paris, France

I met Cyntha over 28 years ago.  I was inspired to intially consult her as a Transpersonal Counselor because she emanated love and trust. Because of Cyntha's integrity, professionalism and true understanding of the human soul, I  have continued to attend her workshops for the last 28 years, including the Holotropic Breathwork. 


Cyntha gets down to the ‘nitty-gritty’,  not letting me get away with anything.  Through her acceptance, humor and deep understanding of who I am, Cyntha has given me the tools to become aligned with my true self which set me on my path of living the bliss of personal transformation.


Through the work I have done with Cyntha  I’m  continually learning to trust  my intuition and creativity; I  now have a better understanding of the part I play in the scenerios of my life; I understand the importance of active forgiveness  in my family saga, friendships and relationships.


Cyntha was there at the beginning of my spiritual quest and remains a phenomenal teacher as I continue on this amazing journey within.  My latest workshop with Cyntha brought me to Dubai to participate in her Conscious Dying, Surrendered Intimacy which, once again, took me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and personal realization that  will last me a lifetime regarding death and intimate relationship.  No matter where in the world Cyntha’s workshops will be held, I will do my very best to attend.

Sharyn Wynters, Naturopath Doctor

Author of The Pure Cure, Founder of 118 Degrees Raw Food Restaurant

Tarzana, Calif.

Cyntha Gonzalez is a gifted facilitator with a variety of healing modalities. She is able to see through all the blocks and resistant patterns that keep us stuck in a hum drum existence. Her Goddess Workshops are life-changing. They will set you free to fly like the butterfly you were meant to be!


Sharyn Wynters, Naturopath Doctor

Author of The Pure Cure : A Complete Guide to Freeing you Life from Dangerous Toxins and How to be a Successful Thinker: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Amany Ismail

CBT therapist, Yoga teacher, Energy healer.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I was advised to attend Cyntha's workshops and year-long course, which is one of the best things I ever did for myself. Cyntha is amazing in how she can be in the middle of teaching or talking to one person and immediately notice if someone else is having troubles. Her style allows me to reach the answers within myself.


I am so blessed to have her as my teacher for she is generous in her teaching; the more I would want to learn the more she gives me. She is humble and trustworthy - when she has been mistaken, or dealt with a situation in an incomplete manner, she addresses it as soon as she is aware of it and it makes the group feel safe.

She creates an atmosphere of acceptance, where I  feel able to ask questions and express myself  in total freedom. 


If I were to hear that Cyntha is leading an upcoming seminar, I would go without thought.  I advise all my clients to make the trip from Saudi Arabia and to attend her seminars, workshops and public lectures.


My yoga students were the first to notice the changes in me, as I was applying Cyntha's teaching in my yoga classes. They in turn had more trust in me, inspiring their courage to then attend my energy healing sessions, where I was so happy to be able to offer deeper work with my clients. 


Since, I  have started a meditation group and now run a four-module course of inner awareness and healing. 

I am so happy to be stronger and more confident as an evolving teacher and practitioner. My work with Cyntha also has positively influenced me to deal with family members in a healthier way, which is changing how we all interact with each other. 

I toyed with the prospect of taking Cyntha Gonzalez’s one-year counselling course for some time as I knew people that had completed it and benefitted enormously from the experience. Once I decided to commit to her process, she gave me the tools to face myself in an environment of radical honesty underpinned by deep Transpersonal wisdom. Over the course of the 12 modules, I learnt to recognise and appreciate the power of the ‘subtle energies’ that to a great extent govern my existence and the universe. She also enhanced my ability to soothe myself fearlessly, without needing external ‘props’ to give me comfort. The process of evolving into who I am truly meant to be is an ongoing journey that thanks to her course, I have increasingly come to relish and gain mastery from.

Lisa Durante

Publisher, Writer, Humanitarian. 



Dubai, UAE  

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