Sensual Yoga Online Course

7-part Pre-Recorded Course for Women.

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This Sensual Yoga Course is an amalgam of my teachings on Yoga, Conscious Relationship and Sacred Sexuality.

As women, it serves us to validate and affirm our right to the existence and pleasure of our feeling, sensual and sexual selves.

The more we practice languidly, we relish and trust in:

  • our physical bodies,
  • our subtle energy and fine-tuned sensations
  • the range of deeply held emotions
  • our deep knowing
  • our pleasure as our birthright

Created by Cyntha Gonzalez to help you reconnect with the potency and healing of your sensual expression. In each of the  7 pre-recorded online classes, you will:

  • explore a  particular theme, like Beauty, Betrayal, Loss, Seduction or Deep Love
  • delve into a sensual yoga practice, supportive of each theme
  • explore its connection to femininity, sensuality and pleasure
  • enjoy curated music
  • Take each theme further through a guided meditation and journal exercise
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