Cyntha has been coaching individuals and couples, as well as facilitating workshops for over 30 years – both in person and online. She also has run her own business from five different countries and has this experience to offer to coaches, therapists, healers and workshop/course facilitators.

Coaches/Healers: She provides mentorship to those wanting to start out or take their own private coaching/healing practice to greater expansion. We work on the business practicals and the behind-the-scene personal energetics to clear the path to open to more fluidly attract those who are supposed to work with you. We look at the considerations of working in person and online.

Workshop/Course Facilitators: Cyntha provides guidance on the process of creating a workshop or course that you feel impassioned about. We work on supporting you with a structure to make a course happen. This can include bringing in other support team members, like virtual assistants, videographers or social media managers. We also bring awareness to any blocks or limiting beliefs the are holding you back from manifesting your full potential and giving your service so needed in this pivotal time of awakening consciousness. We look at working in person and online.