Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Cyntha’s Conflict Resolution work began with at-risk youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, both in the group home system and in the elementary and middle school systems.

She then began coaching couples and supporting them in their communication challenges as well as the triggers that were derailing them from harmonious and connected relating. This work actively continues today.

She further began facilitating conflict resolution within the workplace. This would be between colleagues as well as management and the staff.

She has experience holding a safe space for any two parties sharing grievances and finding a way to effective and compassionate resolution.

In the last years, her work has expanded to Ireland and India, where she has taken in account the collective trauma of colonization and sexual abuse and repression. She also has worked in Palestine and Israel, collaborating with several peace groups and utilizing constellation work and Radical Forgiveness to further greater understanding and empathy for the ‘other.’  She has completed and certified in the yearlong training, The Pocket Project – Healing Collective Trauma, with Thomas Hübl.

Cyntha has also collaborated with the Centre of Competence for Humanitarian Negotiation, as part of a team to support the training of frontline UN  humanitarian negotiators in Geneva, Switzerland.