Creative Response Therapy™

CRT™ is a training, in-person or online, in 6 visual art modalities:

  • Spontaneous Painting
  • Clay
  • Collage
  • Face Mask
  • Colored Mandalas
  • Sand Mandalas

She teaches its use with adults, children and seniors.  Within these 3 populations,  she shows how it can be applied to:

  • school settings
  • university curriculums
  • children and adults of special needs
  • the geriatric population, with
  • couples counseling or coaching
  • trauma release and healing
  • corporate settings
  • therapist/healer supervision
  • treatment and rehabilitation centers.

She offers  the  CRT™ curriculum, complete with an extensive video instruction, online recorded guided visualizations and thorough practice and theoretical support through an online platform.