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Befriending the Angel of Death in Relationship

Every relationship will end by death or separation. Will we befriend the Angel of Death along the way or resort to codependency? To read more >>

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Most of Cyntha’s blog posts on intimacy are hosted by Sarah Bladen and her Cloud Zen blog. Cyntha offers a contemporary approach to neo-Tantra, with down-to-earth techniques and provocative nudges to take sexuality higher, where emotional intelligence, radical honesty and the body’s subtle energy all meet and pulse. The latest posts:

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Cyntha writes also on health, spiritual and socio-political themes.

Reset with Fasting
Holidays Of Light
Beautiful Resistance In The West Bank
My Raw Journey

Wellness World Blog

Cyntha is joining Wellness World Blog, and offers  writings on a variety of Transpersonal psycho-spiritual themes.

Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom
Can The Collective Trauma Of Palestinians Be Healed?
Healing Collective Trauma Through Transpersonal Psychology (This is Guilio’s blog post on his interview with Cyntha.)