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Today we are in a new paradigm in how we approach intimate relationship. This expanded attitude includes moving away from victimization, to taking responsibility for what consciously and unconsciously... ACCESS ARTICLE HERE


Such full transparency in an intimate relationship is outright scary and risky. Likened to epic initiations, it provides each partner with an opportunity to face overwhelming fears and evolve into a mature, courageous being. It is radical because...  ACCESS ARTICLE HERE


Transpersonal coach Cyntha Gonzalez remembers how her initiation into Ramadan came 18 years ago, when a Moroccan family invited her to Marrakech to participate in this fasting ritual directly. These warm people not only opened their home and table to her, but most importantly...... ACCESS ARTICLE HERE


A Vision Quest is not limited to the Native American Indian ritual known by this name. In this tradition, the individual spends several days fasting, purifying and deeply connecting to the Earth and the subtler realities, all in the aim of receiving guidance and clarity in one’s life. A Vision Quest is universal to indigenous cultures and many religious and spiritual traditions... ACCESS ARTICLE HERE


For the last 30 years, I have intermittently gone on solo retreats when the need for deep introspection calls. During several, I have faced compelling challenges that have tested me right up to my edge, both physically and spiritually... Sometimes the circumstances are dramatic, tossing the individual into extremes of irrevocable loss or the frightening Unknown, all with the purpose of taking away the illusory Known and reducing the individual to whom she/he really is... ACCESS ARTICLE HERE


Within our psyches is a rich reservoir of unconscious material that constantly strives to come into consciousness, to be integrated and make us more whole. The painting process is much like dream therapy where coded messages of wisdom come through. When we paint in a free, spontaneous fashion, these coded messages are depicted through universal and personal symbols, that appear in our paintings.  ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

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