Addiction, Codependency & Recovery Weekend Course – February 5-6, 2021

Date: February 5-6, 2021
Location: Dubai, In-person 

An in-depth exploration of Addiction (Alcohol, Drug, Food, Nicotine, Relationship, Sex, Porn, Digital devices, Dating Apps and Gambling Addictions), as well as Codependency. We will explore the underlying Spiritual Quest inherent in all addictions, as well as the emotional shadowlands and trauma that must be embraced and navigated when working with Addiction.

  • Codependency will be explored theoretically and experientially.
  • Each participant will be encouraged, prior to the weekend, to attend online:
    • one open AA, OA, NA or SLA meeting
    • one Al Anon or Codependents Anonymous (CODA) 12-Step Meeting online.
    • You will share your impressions, your personal experience and your assessment if such meetings are a viable healing tool for addiction or co-dependency.
  • We will conduct a 12-Step Meeting in our weekend workshop.

Contact Cyntha to enroll by 29th January. Email: